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WARNING: Only read this page if you’re serious about greatly increasing profits in your business… I don’t mess around when I write advertising so I’m not going to mess around with you now…


Act Fast and Qualify For Me To Write Your Next Sales Letter Or Other Piece Of Advertising and I GUARANTEE You Will Make At Least 10 Times What You Pay Me Or It Won't Cost You A Cent*

Yes, you read that right. NO hype, NO fluff, NO bull. 

If I'm willing to take you on as a client and write your next piece of advertising, I GUARANTEE you'll make 10 times what you pay me in sales

If you don't I'll keep working with you until you do or give you every cent you paid me back.

*(Conditions apply - see details below)

Brett McFall Australias Premiere Copywriter"on my $1000 product... This week we'll cross FIVE HUNDRED sales... I'm confident this will realistically be the first MILLION DOLLAR SALESLETTER in my product arsenal."

"Let's make this simple.   I paid several top gurus for serious sales volume estimations on my $1,000 product.  ALL of them came back with the strong opinion there couldn't be more than 75 to 100 sales in the entire market because of the advanced nature of what I teach (sophisticated online market research and risk elimination) ... a very disappointing estimate given the amount of time and energy which went into the product.
I went ahead and hired Stephen anyway.
This week we'll cross FIVE HUNDED sales, and I've continued to make approximately one per day, with NO indication of things letting up 15 months after I first released it.
In fact, thanks to Stephen, I'm confident this will realistically be the first MILLION DOLLAR SALESLETTER in my product arsenal.
Now, above and beyond the RESULTS, you should also know that Stephen's a delight to work with, and very entertaining.

More importantly, he does more than just write copy... he's kind of a 'business inventor'... pointing out benefits you're already providing to your customers you weren't yet aware of... benefits you can leverage to multiply your profits.

I'll be happy to support this testimonial by taking your personal phone call at any time.  (Stephen has my permission to give my phone out as a reference to seriously interested clients - just ask)"
Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

Steve Winder3389% increase in sales just from tweaking his auto-responder email series!

"Before you had changed the copy for me I had really low sales, one every 2 months.

However, since you have changed the copy in the mini e-course I've had 5 sales and one affiliate sign-up in 9 days so far!"

Steve Winder

Russell Wright"I really recommend Stephen's work. Hiring him is like hiring a psychologist, a copywriter, a direct response sales master and a product launch expert all at once."

"... I gotta say that one of the primary mentors that I had early on, was Stephen...

I give him HUGE thumbs up when it comes to providing intelligent marketing copy that is customized and tailor-made to your business and also that considers all the aspects of your business.

I really recommend Stephen's work. Hiring him is like hiring a psychologist, a copywriter, a direct response sales master and a product launch expert all at once."

Russell Wright


Would YOU like to see those sorts of results?

Give Me 5 Minutes Of Your Time and If You Qualify I’ll Show You How To Get More Customers, Sell More Stuff and Make Loads More Profits… Guaranteed

It really is very simple. I know how to get these results and have done so in my own business and for many of my clients in many different industries (as you’ll see below).

If YOU qualify as someone I’d like to work with then I may be able to do the same for you.

From: Stephen Georgulis, 9:47am

Dear friend,

If you want to flood your business with more customers than ever, generate more sales than ever and make bigger profits than ever… then today is a great day for you.


Because there are hundreds of options available to you that will supposedly help you to do this BUT…

Stephen Georgulis The Copywriting Ninja


You’ve reached one of a VERY few websites on the internet that actually CAN.

This is because the advertising & marketing strategies and techniques that I use are more effective than 99% of what the majority of other ‘experts’ use… and I’ll prove it.

And if you qualify, not only CAN I help… but I WILL.

Now I don’t want to take up all of your time. Once you’ve seen that I’m for real you’re either going to be interested in what I can offer or you won’t.

That basically translates into…

You will see I can help you make a boatload of profits and you’ll want my help to do so… or you won’t.

So before I get into what I can specifically do for you (if you qualify) I want to show you…

PROOF That My Marketing Skills Make Myself and Others Big Profits...And Can Do The Same For YOU

Here are some testimonials from world-class marketers and copywriters that I’ve worked with:

Australia’s Premier Copywriter & Marketer, Brett McFall has this to say about me…

Brett McFall Australias Premiere Copywriter " can rely on Stephen to make sales for you GUARANTEED. He is without a doubt one of the best investments you will ever make"

"There are only a few people I know who have the skill to write sales messages that make people take action instantly. Stephen is one of them. He writes sales messages that are not only captivating to read ... but are supported by sound marketing strategy. Which for a business owner it means you can rely on Stephen to make sales for you GUARANTEED.

He is without doubt one of the best investments you will ever make. The sales increases he can create for any business are simply astounding ... 60% ... 80% ... 120% - in fact, they're freakish. He uses techniques and strategies that leave most 'marketing experts' scratching their heads. Bottomline is: With Stephen you'll make more money than ever before ... save bucketlaods of time ... and all while making every dollar work as hard as it can for you."

Brett McFall

And the U.K’s foremost marketing and copywriting expert Alan Forrest Smith said…

Alan Forrest Smith UKs Best Direct Response Copywriter "His copy is powerful, hits the nerves in all of the right places and more than anything else... it sells! His work is Grade A period."

Well I have to say this about Steve... he was without a doubt the most amazing copywriting student I ever worked with. His copy is powerful, hits the nerves in all of the right places and more than anything else... it sells!

His work is Grade A period.

How do I know? Not only did I train him but he has done copy for me and my clients.

Let me say this. Out of all the copywriters I know (and I know loads)... he is one of the only ones I send work to. If you want a copywriter that'll over-deliver 120% this man does it. Use him. Hire him he is very, very good!

Alan Forrest Smith

And these other marketing experts and entrepreneurs have the following to say about me and the work I have done…

Alexi"... a brilliant copywriter. An outstanding talent."

“Steve is a brilliant copywriter. An outstanding talent. I remember the first time I saw a sample of his copy. I phoned his client and demanded to know who the copywriter was. I also told him whoever his copywriter is, the guy is brilliant. Outstanding. And I don’t say that about many copywriters. Steve has my highest recommendation!"

Alexi Neocleous
Author, Advertising Secrets

Paul Niederer "... delivered copy that truly shines."

“The copywriter we regularly use for our marketing campaigns had no free time and recommended Stephen to us. It is always with hesitation you change copywriter. Bit like changing hairdresser.

However, Stephen has grabbed hold of our projects, requested what he needs to do the job and delivered copy that truly shines. What surprised me was how quickly he gained the empathy required to understand how we work and the language our customers need to be talked to in. Stephen is your man if you need copy that represents your organisation well and successfully.”

Paul Niederer
Infomedia Publishing Pty Ltd

Trevor Crook The Copywriting King "He has runs on the board to make your cash register sing and if you are smart you will hire him to write your copy..."

"As a copywriter myself, I am always keen to find out about new copywriters and more importantly, to see if they are full of more hot air than a hot air balloon OR if they can actually create cash generating sales copy. I first heard about Stephen a year ago and I can tell you he is no cookie cutter copywriter. He has the runs on the board to make your cash register sing and if you are smart you will hire him to write your copy . . . before he triples his fees.

Any fool can call themselves a copywriter - not many can actually do it properly. Stephen can and I have no hestitation in using Stephen myself for my own copywriting projects."

Trevor 'Toe Cracker' Crook &

Enough for you?

These guys are BIG-TIME… (I searched for one of them in Google and found over 9,800,000 pages on him)… because they know how to make massive profits in their businesses and for their clients.

And you’ve seen with your own eyes what they have to say about me.

But there’s one other factor that I want to cover…

Real-World R-E-S-U-L-T-S That Leave 99% Of Marketing 'Experts' To Shame

This is all that really matters right? If I can’t get results then I’m not worth your time.

So here’s some amazing examples of results that I’ve gotten for my clients:

  • lead-generating flyers for one client that pulled over 4.6% to a completely cold list (they were literally just dropped into the letter boxes of different suburbs and had people ringing in endlessly to take advantage of the offer) 

  • a sales letter for a new product for one client that pulled over 5.7% in sales… to a list of his that had previously been considered “unresponsive” and hadn’t really bought

  • one piece of advice that I gave to a client that literally DOUBLED his response rates with a single small change to his advertisement (this piece of advice is so ridiculously simple that I could explain it to you in less than 5 secs and I GUARANTEE it’d raise response if you weren’t already doing it)

  • an online sales letter that I churned out in just a few days to help a client with an urgent deadline that pulled an amazing 5.4% to a list of people who’d never bought anything from this client before (some had never even heard of him and yet 1 in every 20 immediately purchased tickets to his seminar at over $700 each)

  • another sales letter for the same client – about a new information product - that pulled an amazing 11.1% IN SALES from people visiting this clients website

  • a DEAD-SIMPLE simple strategy that took just a few minutes to apply, that I used to book myself out with over $90,000 worth of business in just a few short months

and that’s just a few examples!

I’ve produced continued results like this for many of my clients as well as in my own business and can do the same for you.

Now I’m not saying all this to toot my own horn. I just know that I wouldn’t do business with someone who I didn’t think could get the results I wanted (and have a track-record of success to prove this)… so I don’t expect you to either.

And that brings me to my…

“Fair As You Can Get - 10x Guarantee"
(That Ensures That If Serious Profits Are Possible In Your Business...You Will See Them)

You see, if you qualify to work with me, I’m so set on making your project a success that I back up my work with a guarantee.

But before I get into the details of that, let me just say one thing.

What I cannot guarantee is that my copy or advice will make you a certain amount of money or do so in a certain amount of time... IF YOU DON'T DO WHAT I SAY... or if there's a lot of factors in the project that don't involve me or am out of my control. (If this is the case I'll let you know very clearly before the project is started and tell you what I WILL guarantee in your specific circumstances)

But in most cases, here’s the good news…

What I can – and will – promise if I take you on as a client, is this:

I’ll go “all out” on your project and use every last drop of advertising and marketing skill I have to help you make the best profits possible… and I’ll stand behind that with my “10 Times” Guarantee.

Simply, if the copy I write for you is not getting fantastic results and isn't on track to make you 10 times in sales what you paid me in the next year after I write it, I'll rework it until it does.

If it’s still not good enough (which I must mentioned has never happened to me yet) then I’ll give it another complete going over and we’ll test again.

And if after a year you haven't seen 10 times what you paid me in sales, then we’ll call it a day and I'll give you every dollar you paid me back. 

 Could I be any fairer?

WARNING: If you do not follow my directions exactly then this guarantee WILL NOT APPLY. You must use the EXACT copy I write for you and must follow all other directions I give you in regards to itís implementation. If you do anything your own way and change my copy or do not follow my advice then you will void this guarantee. I'd love to make you a load of money, but you have to let me do it.

Now just to add to that...

I want you to keep in mind that it’s in my best interest that any copy I write is a financial success for my client, so I’ll go as far as possible to see that happens – no question.

If I take you on at all then the chance of success is high.

I pre-qualify each project to ensure that I think I can help you see the results YOU want. If I can’t see that happening… I won’t take the job on. It’s that simple.

All I need you to understand is that youíre paying ME to help you increase advertising results and profits in your business I expect to be allowed to do my job.

Alright then, time to move on.

You’ve seen I can get results and obviously I’m open to doing this with more business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself.

But there ís a catch and that is that you have to qualify because I'm not just willing to work with anyone. (Not to mention that I'm usually booked out for at least 6-8 weeks in advance)

As I said at the beginning of this letter… I take my business and getting results seriously. I’m not willing to work with people who aren’t just as serious as I am about increasing results in their business.

So here it is…

How You Qualify To Work With Me

1. You must contact me by email at stephen at

Simply fill out an email with your details and send it off to me. Please include your name, contact details (email and phone) and some basic information about the project you might like help with (such as overview, timeframe and budget). I’ll briefly review your application and get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of working together (which is usually within 48 hours unless I’m currently in transit). As I said above, I have a waiting list and am usually booked with projects for at least 6-8 weeks in advance so if you're looking to have your copy done soon then contact me right now.

2. You must agree to my terms of work and complete my Copywriting Project Agreement prior to me starting any work for you.

This agreement simply states that you understand and agree to the terms that I work by. This covers me from being held responsible if you do not follow my instructions or alter the copy I do for you and then say that my advice or copy didn’t work. It also covers you so that if the copy I write doesn’t get the results desired you can ask me to re-write it for you per my guarantee.

3. You must be willing to complete my Project Questionnaire on commencement of the job OR pay an additional fee if you want me to do all the research myself. 

This Questionnaire allows me to collect most of the information I will need about the project in order to produce the best results possible. With this one quick and easy action it saves both of us a load of time and allows me to prepare to write your copy with the minimum of hassle. Of course if further information is needed I will be in regular touch with you to get it.

However, I understand you may be a very busy person and may not want to have to take the time to fill out my Questionnaire (and get all the information needed for it if you donít have it to hand or havenít researched fully yourself). If this is case Iím happy to do the research myself on your behalf but will charge an additional fee (depending on the nature and size of the job) to do this as it will greatly increase the amount of time I will need to spend on the project.

4. You must pay me 50% of the fee I quote you for the job BEFORE I start any work for you.

This is done to ensure that I don't do a load of work and then have you tell me that youíve changed your mind. The remaining 50% of the fee is payable upon completion of the project before I deliver it to you. (You will get to see samples of the work that I have done for you but will not get the finished product until the entire fee has been paid).

SPECIAL DEAL: If I make any kind of last minute 'special offer' or the project is under $1000, full payment upfront is required. 

OK STEPHEN ENOUGH...I'm excited and ready to take take advantage of your expertise to help me take my advertising to a higher level (without spending a fortune), using proven-to-work "direct response copywriting."

I Want To Hire You NOW!

Great! Email at stephen at right now.

That's it! If you can do each of those steps then you could be someone I’m willing to work with.

By all means if you have any questions that you feel you'd like answered then please just include them in the email and I’ll be in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you… and helping you achieve an incredible new level of success and profits.

Stephen Georgulis

P.S Flooding your business with more customers than ever… generating more sales than ever… and making bigger profits than ever… could be just a step away. Email me right now at stephen at to find out if I can help you see the success and profits you’d like to see.

P.P.S The results and testimonials you saw above don’t lie. I know how to GET RESULTS and have a PROVEN track record of doing so. Email me now and I may be able to do the same in your business!

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